Collection & Shipping

Please refer to our Shipping & Collection Policy 

Lead Time

All of our cakes are baked fresh to order, so we need 3 days notice to prepare your cake. However, we always ask for as much notice as possible especially for larger orders and would recommend getting your order in as soon as possible as we tend to get fully booked rather quickly, especially for Saturdays. 

If you would like a cake earlier, please call our shop directly as we will always try and accommodate where possible 0117 329 5959

Collecting Before The Event

All cakes will be available from 11 am & need to be collected before the shop closes.

If you are running late or cannot come & collect your cakes within these hours then please let us know and we will try and accommodate where possible.

All of our cakes are baked fresh which means they’ll freeze really well. So in the unlikely event that you don’t think you can finish it all, pop it in the freezer until you’re ready to tuck in again.

Please ensure you store (as recommended below) and transport it safely.

We can't accept responsibility for cakes once they've been collected.

Storage & Shelf Life

We always recommend eating our cakes on the day of collection to enjoy them at their best. The cake is best stored in its box at room temperature or in the fridge if the weather is warm. Please note, if your cake has a plaque this will become soft if stored in the fridge for longer than 2 hours.

Our cakes will keep well for a good 7 days however there may be some elements that don’t keep as fresh. For example our macarons will last for 3 days in the fridge. We recommend storing it in as air tight of a space as possible, or wrapping your cake box in cling film.

Allergy Information

All of our cakes are made in a small kitchen where nuts, peanuts, eggs, milk, soya, sesame and gluten are used. For this reason, we cannot guarantee they are free from traces of these allergens. Our team takes all the necessary steps to ensure cross-contamination doesn't happen, however, there is always a risk that one of our products has come into contact with another product

Free-From and Vegan Cakes

If you would like a gluten-free cake we offer Vanilla sponge. Please note, all of our cakes are made in a kitchen where gluten is used. For this reason, we cannot guarantee they are free from traces of gluten.

If you would like a Vegan cake we offer a Vegan Luxury Chocolate Cake and a Mixed Vegan Cupcake Box.

Please note, all of our cakes are made in a kitchen where dairy, eggs and other animal products are used. For this reason, we cannot guarantee they are free from traces of eggs & dairy.

We also have Free From gluten Macarons, CubiCakes & Cupcakes available.

Portion Size Guide

  Size Portions
5" 6-8 Portions
5" Tall 8-12 Portions
8" 14-18 Portions
2 Tier 5" and 8"
20-30 Portions
2 Tier 8" and 10" 40-60 Portions

Changing Or Cancelling An Order

Please refer to our Refund Policy

Returns Or Refunds

Please refer to our Refund Policy

Cake Customisations

We provide a variety of flavours and styles for you to choose from, hopefully these cater for your specific needs. Unfortunately, because of the number of cakes we produce we are unable to offer customisation.

If you would require a bespoke wedding cake please refer to our Wedding Cakes page